I am a reader. I love words and worlds and characters and, I will admit, that perfectly placed semi-colon. I love it when a sentence is so beautiful that I have to stop and re-read it several times because it is a nugget of truth written in a way I’d never thought before but is somehow the exact shade of right. I love characters who become real and worlds more vivid than my own. I love books, and I am a reader.

Which is also why I’m a writer and an English teacher. I teach senior English at a public high school, and sometimes I get very excited that they pay me to fan girl over books and authors and watch as one of my students falls in love with the written word – either for the first time or all over again with a new genre or author. I really do love my job.

I live in Louisiana with my talented husband and adorable but ridiculously spoiled dogs. I run marathons in order to stay at least partially sane. I love fall and football and rain. And books. Have I mentioned that I am ridiculously addicted to books?

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To contact me, please email me at sarahguillory1 (at) gmail (dot) com.